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I really appreciate that your page represents strong women. So many people shy away from this. Thank you for doing what you do.  --Miss Voltaria

I love your words on women owning their power. We need more females with hearts like yours in the world!  --Lawzy

Glad you healed & started up this site. I am healing and find martial arts to be great discipline for learning to 'love oneself' and 'be a warrior woman'. Thanks so much!
--Norma Jean

Your site rocks!  I just spent the last half an hour looking through it and you have some amazing warrior women on there :) --Sarah


Love this! Love seeing
martial arts warrior women
represented anywhere.
There is far too little of it.
Especially in the magazines. 
Thank you for all these
pics Eldra. They are
wonderful.   --Lisa

love your blog! 
-- Rachel

Thanks for the
love Eldra. You
Rock Girl!!!! You
are such an inspiration!!

O'siyo Eldra.....
I am very much
enjoying your page...:)
and your blogs...
Walk in peace my
sister... Ladyhawke

imageI'm in the Marines. In the Reserves actually, and I've been in for about 4 1/2 years... Being a Marine is only a part of who I am, not the total picture. I am proud to be a Marine but it's not my life. I checked out your website. It's pretty interesting. I like that it's about making women strong and bettering themselves. -- Celestial Knight

The only site that brings REAL
warrior women of all disciplines
together in one place!

                          Arts Woman

This site that shows the women of all the various warrior women disciplines.
It sometimes seems as though there aren't many women who are warriors,
because we're all so separated.
Now there is a site where we can all get together and see
how many of us there truly are!

If you want to learn to be one of these kick ass babes, see all our products!

Hi! This is Eldra.  :)

I am very interested in inspiring women everywhere to own their power. I have a fierce passion about the warrior woman icon.

She is amazing, she is strength!

It is my desire that you bring those qualities to your own life. Welcome to the journey of becoming a warrior woman! Let this site inspire you and encourage you on your journey, and let you know you are not alone.

Now you may be wondering who I am and why I created this site.  Well, let me tell you a little of my story.

I learned about the importance of warrior women the hard way.

Hopefully the bad situation I'm about to describe was worse than anything you'll ever have to face in your life. Or maybe you've already been through worse.

It was situation that almost left me dead.

Before we go any further, I need to tell you a story.  (I'm going to highlight parts for all you skimming readers out there.)

It’s not easy to share this with you, but you need to understand…

I had been the kind of person who thought nothing like this would ever happen to me, in fact I spoke in very derogatory ways about other women who got themselves into these messes!

I ended up with a very dangerous guy for a boyfriend.

Sadly, I know this situation is not unusual....

He was a scary guy who when I met I didn't even want to be with, though I did feel some weird, repulisive attraction. He lived with some friends of mine, and I ended up spending a lot of time with him.

One thing led to another and soon we were "together."

That's when things got really bad.

He was vicious. He was bipolar, and was a tweeker (doing meth), and he was manipulative and controlling.

Oh ya', and he was wanted in four states, but looking preppy and totally not like someone I would imagine having been in prison.

He was a psychic vampire. (It's funny cause I actually coined this term on my own before ever hearing of it anywhere else!)

He sucked all my energy and will away, and I was just a shell of the person I once was.

And even when I saw that he was manipulating me and didn't like it, I didn't know how to follow my own urges any more or how to get out.

It was tragic, sad and depressing (and very dramatic of course).

Then one night after we had "broken up" ( I was still as hooked as ever really.), I was trying to talk things out with him so he would take me back.

I stood in his way, in front of the door, and he went into a rage. He grabbed me by my wind pipe and proceeded to crush it. (I still have scarring from this.)

I couldn't breath. I was dying. I didn't know what to do. I looked around the room for someone to intervene ( the room was full of s#%*heads all drugged up), but they all sat there and watched as if it were simply a fascinating movie.

No one helped me.

I was alone, and knew I would be dead any second, and had no idea what to do.

If I struck him without stopping him it would just enrage him further, and he would certaintly beat me to death.  I didn't know what to do to make him stop. I looked in his face once more, and something in his eyes changed.

He looked at me angrily and then let go.

I don't know why he did. I always tell people I think it's because he realized that there was a whole room full of people who could testify against him (not very likely they would remember anything really, but you never know).

The truth is I have no idea why he let go. But I'm glad he did.

Anyway, some people intervened. My uncle actually (smart man) suggested I take a little vacation.

I left the state to visit my grandma, and had some major revelations, got a bit of myself back. And started to see some things about being with him that made me not want to be there again.

And of course I learned how to kick serious ass and other healthy things, so I could never be in that situation again.

Women Police

"Men rule us because they are willing to be violent. 
They are too stupid to realize that our capacity to be violent exceeds theirs. 
Women have to stop being afraid of that potential, and learn
instead to exercise it with wisdom and justice."  Unknown

Old Time Cowgirl

If we are to be liberated, whole strong women we MUST know how to be able to be aggressive when neccessary and to use that aggression wisely.
We cannot be truely independent while being a victim of violence,
and we cannot be truely independent if we are counting on anyone else to protect us.
We have to be able to truely have the self sufficiency which we claim we really want.
 ~Eldra McCracken

So this site is to inspire you, ladies!
And for the guys who love you too!

Along the way of researching, putting this site together, and getting loads of great warrior women photos, I found out that there are many great guys out there who love their women to kick ass, take names, and keep themselves safe!

So this site has photos of amazing warrior women to boost your spirits, let you know there are a lot of us out there, each of us different, and kicking butt in our own ways.

Black Tribal Warrior

Gallery after Gallery of seriously gorgeous warrior women.

What is amazing is that some of these incredibly hot women are ladies you would never expect!  In normal every day life they are real estate agents, doctors, housewives, college students, dancers, computer geeks, the girl next door....

But hidden beneath these mudane exteriors are women who are deadly, mysterious, proficient with weapons of destruction and mayhem, and will not hesitate to use their knowledge when it's appropriate.

These are the women who will not take anyone's crap and won't allow anyone to tread on them without a fight!

And they are from everywhere! We have women from:

The United States,
The Pacific Islands,
and many other places.

They walk the world with us and never let on about their deadly power.

You get to see these hot, charming, sultry, sassy, wary, intense, serious, vibrant women showing us their dangerous side!

If you want passive, whiney women you'd better go someplace else, 'cause these women will kick your butt!

Military Woman

REDHOT Warrior Women Testimonial

Hey, nice website you having there .. i must say that beauty comes from within,
and that som pictures of warriorwomans, full of that power are really nice.
peace --Anders
(in Switzerland)


 Kickass! I have a crush on all jock chicks.... --Seacrest's Pants

  hey...glad to see another tank girl...yeh right...we take no crap..  --Lisa

 Hi, my name is Travis, and I really like the site.
I really enjoy looking at the pictures.... I do find them to be very attractive and they're appealing, real and believable... This is a really great site...

I love the web site. A strong woman is 100 times
more beautiful than one who only relies on looks alone. --tribal princess

 EVERYMAN NEEDS A GODDES THAT CAN FIGHT...  SMYLADON (SMILE- LA - DON) And are women warriors hot? You bet your broadsword they are. Thanx again.x  -- Nik

Thanks ...! Love the pic of the women bow shooting!! Totally up my alley!!  --Mandy

Warrior women unite! -- Adrianna

Strong women are awesome! Cheers, Daniel

      i know your probably spoken for , but i`ve always wanted a woman that`d back me up in a bar fight,
      i`m ex mil.. and do sword on the faire circiut and trying to get back into real jousting (no coriograghed).
      maybe hook you up with a nice hand made blade..kool?
         your brother in arms

  ...I love your site! --Julie

Cool! Warrior Women rock! --Gary B.

  Warrior women!!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!! --Ve

Woman shooting Bow and Arrow

It has taken me thousands of hours to bring this collection of ladies to you. As you might already know, they are difficult to find. I've heard many men and women complain about how hard it is to find women's photos like this. And it's true!

I have scoured the net, talked to photographers and artists, and have come up with a great EXCLUSIVE collection which is added to very regularly. So you will always have new women to enjoy over here!

With all the time and money I've spent digging up these fabulous photos I could charge  $197 month, but I want to get the word out, and I don't think I want to charge that much regularly anyway.

You see, I love warrior women and women owning their power, and I want to share it with you at a price that you will be a fan of! And when I give you such a great price for such amazing ladies, you will definately be happy and tell your friends!

So I'm not going to charge you...

Or even $50!

Right now, you can get a super special price and keep it for the rest of your life. Even when we up the price due to costs of inflation or whatever, you will always get the same price you had the day you signed up!

You get to see all these amazing women for only $25.25 each month.


That is my thank you to you for being our first fans and for your loyal, continued support.

Alternative style girl with
                                        gun and tank

You get instant access to our amazing women.

This is probably the most complete collection of all types of warrior women ever. Don't miss out!

We have women from all over the world and of every color with every weapon we can find.

These women know how to get down and dirty and take their opponent out!

Classy women, trashy women, kinky women, mysterious, bold, and demure as well.

We have women doing archery, women with swords, daggers, guns, boxing gloves, martial arts, military, police women....

You can find them all here. And all ready to kick your butt the minute you step out of line.

The women you've always imagined...

Our women aren't passive. They are tough, strong and will make your heart thrill with inspiration.

If you want to see  our amazing ladies, just get your membership now!...

  • Boxing
  • South American Tribal
  • Military women, all branches
  • Fantasy
  • Police women
  • Fencing
  • World Archery Competitions
  • Traditional Chinese archery
  • Field Archery
  • Swords women
  • Fire Arms
  • Cowgirls
  • Martial Arts
  • Wrestling
  • Horseback archery
Plus you get:

Submitted Photos from Female Fans
Here is a sample...

Fantasy Woman in Armor
"I'd love to be on your site!"
-- Angela (real estate agent)

Archived Warrior Women Highlights, Including pictures
Meet warrior women such as:
  • Alina A., a stuntwoman in Hollywood
  • Dawn from the millitary
  • Mounted police officers Cindy and Kelly
  • Isadora, a warrior woman style dancer
  • Lyndsey E., a rape survivor
  • Lindsey C, an Olympic archer
  • Frankie Z., a wrestler
  • Miss Universe, (of a certain year)
  • and these are just the begining!
  • To view a selection, click here...

Free, Fun, Inspiring, Exclusive Wallpapers to decorate your computer, or print them out and hang them on your wall!

Plus Historical Celebrities as Warrior women like:
  • Sheena Easton
  • Raquel Welch
  • Zza Zza Gabor
  • Doris Day
  • Betty Grable
  • Ann Baxter
  • Debbie Reylonds
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Joan Davis
  • Dale Evans

Historical Female
                                              Fencing Champion

  Plus, get these other great Bonuses when you sign up now!

Body painted women warriors from the international World Body Painting Festival (who had a warrior theme one year, and no you cannot find them on their site any more, though I have permission to show them to you!),

More Bonus wallpaper collections, To get a sample, go here...

Join the Club. Be inspired...


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No pop-ups, no redirects. No advertisements, no spyware. Just excellent pictures of beautiful women and warrior arts. We don't take outside funding, and our best advertising is word-of-mouth. Tell your friends about us. Send them a couple of images too. Thank you. :)


Though I haven't known Eldra long, I perceive in her the true passion for helping other women realize the strength and esteem they have within them.
If you haven't seen her website, you definitely should.
Warriors indeed take on many forms and Eldra is
beautiful and strong, passionate and
with compassion using her skills to help
other women realize theirs.

  Read more comments here...

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Warriors at Work

Woman Officer in US Virgin Islands
"This is a pic of me, Chezni C. with a wonderful weapon, the M4.
I'm a police officer in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
I truly admire what you do for us women."

Warriors at Work

Hollywood Stunt Woman
"Hello! your site!
Cassandra McCormick"
Hollywood stunt woman

Warriors at Work

Ur my people! Well rock on!
Glad you found me
...i'm all about empowering
athletic women in tv and film
because it's sexier to have
musclees than be a
size negative 4..
just like yourself...
and kickin ass
not for any reason in perticular but just because we can!

Love martial arts!
Love to be on your site
if you have any room...

caio  -Alina :)
check me out at
and plop in my name

Hollywood stunt woman

See Photos of Alina Backstage!

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