Hi! This is Eldra.  :)

I am very interested in inspiring women everywhere to own their power. I have a fierce passion about the warrior woman icon.

She is amazing, she is passion, she is strength!

It is my desire that you bring those qualities to your own life. Welcome to the journey of becoming a warrior woman!

Now you may be wondering who I am.

Well, let me tell you a little of my story.

I learned about the importance of warrior women the hard way...

Hopefully the bad situation I'm about to describe was worse than anything you'll ever have to face in your life.

A situation that almost left me dead.

Before we go any further, I need to tell you a story.  (I'm going to highlight parts for all you skimming readers out there.)

It’s not easy to share this with you, but you need to understand…

I had been the kind of person who thought nothing like this would ever happen to me, in fact I spoke in very derogatory ways about other women who got themselves into these messes!

I ended up with a very dangerous guy for a boyfriend.

Sadly, I know this situation is not unusual....

He was a scary guy who when I met I didn't even want to be with, though I did feel some weird, repulisive attraction. He lived with some friends of mine, and I ended up spending a lot of time with him.

One thing led to another and soon we were "together."

That's when things got really bad.

He was vicious. He was bipolar, and was a tweeker (doing meth), and he was manipulative and controlling.

Oh ya', and he was wanted in four states, but looking preppy and totally not like someone I would imagine having been in prison.

He was a psychic vampire. (It's funny cause I actually coined this term on my own before ever hearing of it anywhere else!) He sucked all my energy and will away, and I was just a shell of the person I once was.

And even when I saw that he was manipulating me and didn't like it, I didn't know how to follow my own urges any more or how to get out.

It was tragic, sad and depressing (and very melodramatic of course).

Then one night after we had "broken up" ( I was still as hooked as ever really.), I was trying to talk things out with him so he would take me back.

I stood in his way, in front of the door, and he went into a rage. He grabbed me by my wind pipe and proceeded to crush it.

I couldn't breath. I was dying. I didn't know what to do. I looked around the room for someone to intervene ( the room was full of sh#%*heads all drugged up), but they all sat there and watched as if it were simply a fascinating movie.

No one helped me.

I was alone and knew I would be dead any second and had no idea what to do.

If I struck him without stopping him it would just enrage him further, and he would certaintly beat me to death. 

I didn't know what to do to make him stop.

I looked in his face once more, and something in his eyes changed.

I looked at me angrily and then let go.

I don't know why he did. I always tell people I think it's because he realize that there was a whole room full of people who could testify against him ( not bloody likely they would remember anything really, but you never know).

The truth is I have no idea why he let go. But I'm glad he did.

Because now I can assist other women to never be in that type of situation or in their recovery from it.

Then the next night he came to my house begging me to run away with him to another state. And I was going to go! Talk about co-dependance!

Anyway, some people intervened. My uncle actually (smart man) suggested I take a little vacation.

I left the state to visit my grandma, and had some major revelations, got a bit of myself back. And started to see some things about being with him that made me not want to be there again.

But it took a long time to really get over him and not ever want to be with him again.)

I learned a lot about myself in my journey to become whole again.

  • I researched self help info -- found some really good stuff (which I offer here),
  • quit my job working for the psychotherapist I was working for so I myself could get the kind of therapy they offered (which was holding therapy. It was very powerful and very beneficial to me!),
  • And had to move back in with my parents (which totally sucked. They didn't trust or like me very much at that point.)
  • And stayed alone a lot and did a lot of soul searching and crying.
It was a difficult journey. I was very busy doing the hard work of healing.

I was simply commited to making my life whole.

I was willing to do what it took (not have my life back, because that's what got me into that place anyway) to create a new life for myself. 

A whole life... where I was really me.

Not some idea of what people thought I was supposed to be.

I gained a lot of wisdom.

And my life is sooo different from what it was back then! It is very good!

I finally figured out some of what it takes to have healthy relationships, and have been with my husband for 7 years!

I am upfront with people (no more passive-ness stuff anymore!). If I have a problem I say it, and resolve it.

I have learned how to be free of melodrama. (I used to be addicted to it! It's very liberating to not be in all those kinds of messes anymore! I have more time and energy to just play around and have fun!)

I've learned how to protect myself (finally! That one was the hardest one to figure out some straight answers about! How can there be soo much misinformation about one thing?! But I did find the good stuff, and I've looked everywhere!)

And most importantly, I learned how to love myself, and really feel my worth and value.

Think about it for a minute....

Me a total loser who was depressed, lost, suicidal, and cutting myself,  with a nasty guy for a boyfriend...

To someone with plenty of self love, who has a long term marriage to a gentle, strong, and supportive guy, and I am empowered to assist other women to have better in their lives as well!

Through my own traumas of sexual abuse and domestic violence, and through my extensive reaserch of  warrior women, and self protection, relationships, health and healing....

I am here to offer my wisdom to all of you.
  • So look around.
  • Find the information you need.
  • Join the community and start a converstation.
  • Get a Backstage Pass and get personal access to me,
  • And own your personal power!

Welcome to the journey of becoming a warrior woman!

A photo of my husband and I river rafting! :)


I am just me, working to inspire women to be empowered in their lives -- to stop being victims.

That is what this site is here for. To inspire you, and challenge you, and lead you to the answers you need to make your life what you want.

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I do read everything, respond as soon as possible, and pass on your comments! :)  I also want  to let everyone know that the messages and comments I receive are greatly appreciated.

See you around!

To the warrior woman in you!

Eldra McCracken


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