Do you want to be part of the warrior woman revolution?

This is a fairly new area for most photographers. And we are excited to provide a new way for artists to express themselves while empowering women to own their strength.

We normally pay $10-15 (depending on quality, by Paypal) per image we use for indefinite and unlimited use, including use on other sites and media, plus ten years of exclusivity (normally you can use a few on your own site). This is higher than normal prices for web images, but then we are more selective of course, we only use the very best.

When we get longer shoots, we usually will give an offer for the complete shoot, depending on the quality and variation in it, and how many of the images we feel we can use. (We don't use a lot of images of the same pose/background for example.) An offer for a shoot may be $100 to $800.

I know for some people it doesn't seem like a lot, but over the years if you keep selling me photos, it gets to be quite a lot of money, instead of just one or two images here and there for a higher price. (I've spent a few thousand already with one artist alone.)

You get a membership to the site when we accept your art, so that you can see how we are displaying it, and what other styles of work are on the site.

We would like to see your work.  Contact us today.

Submission technicalities

For your first submission to us: E-mail us 3-5 images in JPEG format, each one under 400kb. It is important that the samples are large, for us to judge the quality. 1600 pixels on the long side at least, please.

For sending us pictures after we have an agreement: We need the images to be 4 to 8 megapixels, and in JPEG format, compressed to under 2MB per file.

We reserve the right to use some of the images for promotion on selected partner sites, and for use on other sites or other media.

Also, any models posing in the nude will need to be 18 years old or older. We will need photo ID as proof.

We will need a signed model release (pdf form). To get one click here.

What we want from you.

We don’t want bathing suits, underwear, lingerie, or tons of jewelry. We simply want warrior women.

We like natural girls. It's okay to have very little make-up, or nothing. We also don't want breast implants, or excessive tatoos or piercings. We want women that a majority of other women can relate to.

We don’t want sex. The model should not even be thinking about sex, or trying to be sexy, or anything like that.

She should just be herself, carefree, and if she is using one we would like the model to actually be proficient with the weapon she is photographed with. We want this art to be believable and as real as possible.

A nice smile on some of the pictures is a good thing too. Beautiful Warrior is portraying a ideal world where Warrior women own their warrior power in a healthy way; beautiful, happy, safe, and in her power.

We like location shoots and studio shoots.

If you can make the pictures look natural and relaxed, not forced or faking it that is the best.

We like some variation in a series:

We want to see some full figure shots, and some close-ups. Some standing, some sitting, etc. Vary the background too, please.

There should be a couple of pictures that are portraits, showing the model’s face and eyes. There should be some showing her from behind and the side also.

Make sure to include some horizontal images, they fit computer screens better.

A few technical points:

If you too much detail in the background, for example hundreds of small tree branches or leaves, it makes image files too large, so try to make the background blurred. We recommend a digital
SLR, using a long focal length and a large aperture.

Also, don't use too harsh light. Use soft light, or when the sun is low in the sky. Or backlight. Nice light is essential to good photography.

Don't leave too much space around the model. Put some care into your compositions and your cropping.

Also, you can show us work that does not fit the specifications above. We might really like something you have even if it isn't the above. So let us take a look.

Okay! Have a good time, and show us your stuff!


Beautiful Warrior Women.comTM

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