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This site was put together for a few reasons.

1) Because I want women to feel empowered.

2) There is far too much rape and other crime against women. Something real, NOT just political, needs to be done about it.

3) It is very healing for many women to see that they can be strong and still desireable.

4) It is WAY too difficult to find a big picture that ties random bits of information together into a useable, functional body of information.

So this site is growing and changing on a continual basis to provide those very things.

Some people will be offended by this site. That’s okay. I’m not here to please everybody. I’m here to provide useable information and resources.

Some people will take the parts that work for them and leave the rest. That’s okay too. They still received some value.

And then there will be people who will just love this site. And that’s always fun for us! :) But it’s not completly neccessary.

If even one woman walks away from this site feeling a little bit better about herself, or feeling like she has the right to protect herself then we have done what we set out to accomplish!

So if you have a desire to be strong, empowered, find out about women in the past who were that way, and have the resources you need to be inspired and safe, then stick around. Cause this is where you’ll find it! :)

To the warrior woman in you!

Eldra McCracken


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