ATHENA -episode1

by Eldra on October 12, 2011 · 0 comments

Following the success of the blockbuster spy thriller IRIS comes Athena: Goddess of War.
South Korea is on the race to develop the latest nuclear technology, and they help a North Korean nuclear scientist defect even if it runs the risk of starting a war. NTS, the National Anti-Terror Service, is devoted to protecting all matters related to nuclear technology.
However, ATHENA is an organization that aims to control the world’s energy market, and wants the knowledge of the nuclear technology for themselves. Lee Jung Woo (played by veteran actor Jung Woo Sung) is an NTS agent who finds himself caught up in the chaos, when he is assigned to rescue the president’s daughter after she’s been kidnapped.



A race to capture a North Korean nuclear physicist leads to the detention of Agent Kwon. Lee Jung Woo receives an overseas assignment from NTS with a new partner.

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