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Police Women in Liberia


By Christopher Herwig. MONROVIA – LIBERIA , FEBRUARY 8 2007 : Vera Manly Deputy Commandant fro Training. She has been in the Police force for 16 years, and sees men and her counterparts, and encourages new female recruits not to make yourself vulnerable. All recruits are treated the same in training. The president wants to [...]

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A new shelter for girls in the Phillipines


A separate shelter for abused girls is being mulled by the city government here as the city finalizes its children’s code and vies for the most friendly city for kids award. Mayor Jerry P. Treñas said the proposed area will be the city-owned ABC Hall at Duran Street here which has been unoccupied for a [...]

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The “Mom” Factor?


Guest Article, Reprinted with Permission. All rights reserved.  At the base of your brain, where all the nerve endings come together to form your spinal cord, there is something about the size of your thumb called the Reticular Formation. This is a real physical, physiological thing. Part of the Reticular Formation is the Reticular Activating [...]

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Tender Warrior


I’ve been talking to this friend of mine. She says she feels like she’s not a warrior woman, yet she has many stories of being a warrior woman. She jumps on a man who was fighting her husband, practices fighting skills on horseback, and more. I was wondering how many other women feel that they [...]

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A conversation with MTV star Aimee Allen! :)


Aimee Allen, a famous MTV singer was asking this question: I mean, when did violence ever solve anything? Could someone please give me an example? For real, i’d really I’d like to know. This was what I told her… There are actually a lot of examples of violence solving situations. I’ll get to those in [...]

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Female Cops Allowed!


This might be old news to you, but you know how little of the rest of the world the U.S. news covers. I recently found this info and thought it was worth sharing! June 26, 2006 Mauritanians – Including New Female Cops – Vote on New Constitution Two big changes going down in Mauritania, which [...]

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Here is what one of my subscribers wrote about the last blog… Wow! This is excellent, but it is way out of my price range.  It is too bad that such is not offered at a drastically reduced price especially for people who may be more likely be in these types of situations.  Although we [...]

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Woman keeps a church safe from gunman.


This article was sent in to me by one of our readers. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (CNN) — “It seemed like it was me, the gunman, and God,” said Jeanne Assam, describing her feelings as she confronted a man who charged into her Colorado Springs church Sunday firing a weapon.   Jeanne Assam, a volunteer security [...]

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Female Pirates of the Past


Women and the Jolly Roger By Cindy Vallar Elizabeth I once told her people, “I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king….” (Dunn, Wendy J. Tudor Women Weak? No Way!) A common fallacy throughout history was that women couldn’t do [...]

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A Short List of Historical Warrior Women


Women Warriors        On Memorial Day, we remember those who died for our freedom, especially our fallen warriors. Women have always fought along side men; women have often lead women and men into battle, too. This month I will introduce you to a long line of distinguished women warriors, two of whom may only be [...]

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