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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Hope your holiday season is wonderful!

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Are you ready for Halloween?


Are you going to be a hot, sexy warrior babe for Halloween? I hope so! If you haven’t made or found that right outfit yet, then maybe you can find something at the last minute at some of the holiday or party stores at the last minute. Or, you can buy something online and have [...]

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Men who love their Warrior Babe!


I can tell you that a lot of men hit up my site and are into REAL, intelligent, strong women who can hold their own, so…. You might want to read some of the comments and testimonials. I have guys submit their wives pics all the time too! They are sooo excited about their [...]

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Female Cops Allowed!


This might be old news to you, but you know how little of the rest of the world the U.S. news covers. I recently found this info and thought it was worth sharing! June 26, 2006 Mauritanians – Including New Female Cops – Vote on New Constitution Two big changes going down in Mauritania, which [...]

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Distorted Beauty


  If you can’t see it, click here.  It’s freaky what is done to models to get “the look.” I’ve known many in my day. Some have cellulite. None are what they look like in the photos. Some get drowned in all the fakeness, others, knowing that it’s all B.S. are perfectly fine with not looking [...]

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Write your favorite Celebrity…


Get your favorite celebrity’s contact information in our members only area!  That’s right! Updated current and ACCEPTABLE contact information for your favorite warrior women actresses. All part of your membership. These are addresses that will actually get your letter to the star you wish to contact. And it’s where they will actually recieve it! Some fan sites have [...]

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My favorite Warrior woman sport!


Fencing! I LOVE it. It’s absolutely addicting to spar with someone way better than me and finally being able to score a point. It’s a challenge both physically and mentally. It gets my blood rushing and pumping and requires such cool calculation at the same time. And I’m good at it! I always hated competition [...]

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The news has done it again! What’s wrong with this picture?


It’s amazing to me how many people just blindly believe what they see on the news. Here is a perfect example of misinformation. I just have to laugh. It’s too silly. What’s wrong with this picture? Yeah, if you’ve ever shot a gun, EVER, you’d now that those bullets have never been fired. Unless coalition [...]

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I’m offering an apology to those of you who would like me to write here more often. It’s been crazy redesigning the site, but it’s been a lot of fun too. I actually have hundreds of articles to put up about women in history, self protection tips, etc. If anyone would like to assist me [...]

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So I broke down and took the superhero quiz … :)


 So I broke down and took the superhero quiz that’s been floating around. Here’s my “results.” I don’t know how they decide who fits best, but it’s fun to see anyway. Your results: You are Supergirl   Supergirl 90% Hulk 90% Spider-Man 80% Wonder Woman 80% The Flash 80% Superman 75% Green Lantern 75% Robin [...]

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