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Crisis Hotlines


    Crisis Help Hotlines Here are some free items and resources for you. Domestic Abuse/Assault…1-800-799-SAFE (24 hrs)     TTY line 1-800-787-3895 Stalking Resource Center  1-800-394-2255 Family/Children’s Mental Health Hot Line…1-800-654-1247 (24 hrs) National STD Hotline…800-227-8922 (24 hrs) Child help USA – Child Abuse Reporting…1-800/4-A-CHILD (24 hrs) Family Violence Help Line…1-800-222-2000 (24 hrs) National Runaway [...]

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This video might be gone tonight, but is Free for you!


I have just recieved permission to show you a great little video with some really effective fighting tricks. These are taught by a guy who has been a bodyguard, bouncer, bounty hunter, done work for the gov., and been in truely dangerous situations in S. America. He has used the techniques he shows in [...]

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Girl and unborn baby killed in home invasion…


If you don’t think it can happen to you think again. Here is a letter from a reader one of my social networks: SORRY…I JUST GOT BACK ONLINE FROM MY MOVE.. HOPE EVERYONE IS WELL…MY COUSIN CRYSTAL JOHNSON WAS KILLED SUNDAY IN A HOME INVASION AND SHE WAS 7 MONTHS PREGNANT AND THE BABY WAS [...]

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A conversation with MTV star Aimee Allen! :)


Aimee Allen, a famous MTV singer was asking this question: I mean, when did violence ever solve anything? Could someone please give me an example? For real, i’d really I’d like to know. This was what I told her… There are actually a lot of examples of violence solving situations. I’ll get to those in [...]

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Women Who Hate Men, Why that makes things worse!


Here are some important and relevant statistics that might be interesting for you to know. The reason that they are important is because they show you how important men are in the world. I know a lot of women who have been abused and used hate or don’t want men in their lives. I understand [...]

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From Crazy to Confident in only 2 HOURS!


I was at my relatives house the other night. We were all hanging out, and this girl, I’ll call her Shiela to maintain her privacy, realized that she had a message on her phone and was freaking that it was her father. Now, her father is abusive, and she hangs out at my cousins a LOT because [...]

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Martial Arts


Whether you’re looking for self-defense classes or just a great way to keep in shape, martial arts are both educational and physically demanding. Martial arts are as much a study in mental mastery as they are physical exercise. And very traditional schools sometimes also incorporate spiritual teachings into the training as well. The first step [...]

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How often do you practice with your weapon or style of choice? When you are in a life or death situation you only do what you practice. Too many people don’t even think about this. There are women who actually carry mace in their overcrowded purse, who have never even purchased one extra canister to [...]

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Do you ever have dreams about stopping cruddy people from hurting others? I don’t usually, but did last night. Some guy was abusing his 3 or 4 yr old daughter and baby, choking them and slamming them against a the wall of a store. When I stepped in to stop him, he turned and began to [...]

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Here is what one of my subscribers wrote about the last blog… Wow! This is excellent, but it is way out of my price range.  It is too bad that such is not offered at a drastically reduced price especially for people who may be more likely be in these types of situations.  Although we [...]

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