ATHENA -episode1


Following the success of the blockbuster spy thriller IRIS comes Athena: Goddess of War. South Korea is on the race to develop the latest nuclear technology, and they help a North Korean nuclear scientist defect even if it runs the risk of starting a war. NTS, the National Anti-Terror Service, is devoted to protecting all [...]

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Warrior Woman Videos


There are a lot of great warrior woman videos out there. Some are hard to find unless you know what you are looking for, and some you can watch for free! So I’m creating a new video category which will have all the warrior woman videos I can find to repost online! Hope you enjoy [...]

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We have made some videos, you can find them on youtube and other places. We are putting them up in the community at, but they are in super sonic speed! So we are figuring out what needs to happen to fix that. No one else seems to be having trouble uploading video, so don’t [...]

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Distorted Beauty


  If you can’t see it, click here.  It’s freaky what is done to models to get “the look.” I’ve known many in my day. Some have cellulite. None are what they look like in the photos. Some get drowned in all the fakeness, others, knowing that it’s all B.S. are perfectly fine with not looking [...]

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Anti Depressants cause violent behavior.


Here are some great clips that can give you some insight about different drugs that can excaberate aggression towards the self and others. I’ve known for years now that anti-depressants commonly increase the risk of suicide so this news, while tragic, is not that suprising. If it would increase the chance of one killing one’s [...]

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Some powerful and touching videos about rape…


It amazes me when people ask me why I did my site about warrior women. Don’t they know about the abuses in this world? Ahhh, at any rate. Here are some GREAT videos! If you’ve been raped you will feel a little less alone. If you want to know what to do about rape, you [...]

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Shooting a bow with your feet?


Crazy? No. There are a few contortionists in this world who combined their inner warrior with their skills to come up with something unique in their line of work! To check out these amazing archers, click this link! Enjoy! Eldra (C)

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You don’t have time to waste…


Women martial artists that don’t waste time on extra fancy crap. There is definatly some stuff in these videos you won’t expect! Have fun watching them.

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