Options, or Is someone making fun of your way?

by Eldra on April 25, 2013 · 0 comments

It’s interesting.

Running this site for so many years I’ve run into a few things. And even though the site is now owned by Noble Tree Publishing, I’m still here for you ladies and guys, writing about a subject that is dear to my heart.

Some of the more shocking things is the fact that a lot of women love this site and a lot of women hate it.

All the guys who find it seem to universally love the idea of their women being strong and learning to protect themselves.

But the most interesting thing I’ve run into, which greatly surprised my by the way, was how many women were snobs about another woman’s way of coming to recognize her inner warrior.

Now I must say it takes all types. And many women who find this site have been through incredible trauma. They need to be encouraged to own their power in whatever way suites them best. And NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, has the right to tell them how to go about it, or put them down, or make fun of the way they are inspired to do so.

Some women frown on guns, some women frown on fantasy leaning women, some women decide the only martial art that is worth anything is the one they are in, or they think something someone else is doing is wrong or stupid, or uneducated.

What you have to remember is that every woman is on her own journey, and every journey has stages. So we won’t all be on the same page at the same time, and you might not like where someone is at that point in time.

And this site is here to support ALL women — not just one group or another. It’s here to be a resource to many and to help you see you aren’t the only one interested in being empowered, safe, and learning warrior‘s techniques! (Besides which, some are just downright fun!)

Usually, when someone gets under your skin in a certain way it’s because it’s triggering old feelings that are comming to the surface which need and want to be dealt with. So look inside before you go freaking out about another person’s way of looking at things or how they find their way. You just might find a very valuable insight that can make your life more meaningful and whole.

As you wander this site, remember that every person needs to find their way to wholeness, and that is going to look different for everyone because we are all unique.  :) We can help each other rather than tear each other down, and maybe you might have some words of wisdom that can help a fellow woman who has just begun her path to healing and empowerment through this medium!

So take what works for you, leave what doesn’t work for you, and remember, whether we like it or not, we are all in this together in some way or another!

Hope you continue to love and use this site and share it with others. It’s only going to get better!

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