Warrior Women Highlights

Officer Cindy Smith, Mounted Police

Francesca Zappitelli, Wrestler

Officer Kelly Korb, Mounted Police

Lindsey Carmichael, Olympian Archer

Isadora B., Dancer

Dawn H., Military

Lyndsey E., Rape Survivor

Alina A., Stunt Woman

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Do you want to be famous?

Hey ladies,

Do you have a photo of yourself as a warrior women, or enjoying your favorite weapon?

Are you interested in promoting the empowerment of women?

You are!?! Great!

Use the contact form to send in your photos and story with “Let me be part of it!” in the subject line.

The photos will be displayed as the woman of the week portion of the site for the world to see! Also, for participating you get a free Backstage Pass!

We appreciate all photos, because we are promoting REAL women who own their inner warrior strength.

(Oh, and P.S. You don’t have to be a super model either! :) )

We are excited to see you on our site!

Eldra McCracken

Legal junk below:

All submissions become available to be used at’s descretion. The photographer name and contact information must be included with the submission, and you certify that you are of age to enter into such a contest in your jurisdiction.
If no photographer information is inculded, the work in question will be regarded as the work of the person submitting it, and will be handled as such.

To viewers: All works used with permission. Only authorized for personal viewing. Note: If somehow you are a photographer whose work is shown without your permission, let us know, thank you.

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